WhatsApp Takip Nasıl Yapılır – Hangi Yollar İzlenir?

In the 21st century technology we live in, our possibilities are almost limitless. Almost everything we seek and need is at our fingertips thanks to technology that is renewed and updated every second. Especially after the introduction of smartphones and 4G into our lives, many communication tools have been disrupted.

Now we have a phone application called WhatsApp that meets our daily communication needs. WhatsApp is now our way of communicating with friends, lovers, colleagues, family members and anyone we want to communicate with. So when this is the case, the following question comes to mind: ‘Can I track whatsapp?’.

The answer to your question is yes. If you think that your lover is cheating on you and you cannot prove it, it is possible to see what is happening in the whatsapp application where he spends his hours.


Who May Want to Track WhatsApp Remotely and Why?

We may have various reasons to follow WhatsApp. I will summarize some of these below.

Parents to Protect Their Children

Whether you live in big cities or small residential areas, you may be worried about your children’s safety . Especially with smart phones, your children, especially your adolescents, hardly communicate with you, the whole world can be on their smartphones.

At this point, there is only one thing you can do as a parent and that is to monitor your children’s smartphones. Who is my child talking to? Does he make friends with malicious people? What is he doing with his friends after school? Did he have bad habits? And it is very natural that you want to follow WhatsApp in order to find answers to many more questions.

Adults with the Purpose of Protecting the Elderly

You may have elderly parents or relatives who you are responsible for. These people who were not born or raised with technology may not be aware that technology can be used by bad people and serve malicious purposes.

At this point, they may also need your help. To protect your elderly relatives from the attacks of malicious people and software, you may need Whatsapp spy programs and use them comfortably.

With this method, you can track your elderly parents’ phone, access their messages, see if malicious people are trying to deceive them, and take the necessary precautions.

Employers to Prevent Data Leakage

If you are an employer who cares about the workplace and worries about the security of his company, these whatsapp spy programs are for you. Especially if you have a large workplace and you have too many employees and you do not know all of your employees well, even if you do not know them, you may want to control them on their smartphones.

Imagine that you had an important meeting and discussed the details of a tender you were going to attend and set a price. The confidentiality of what you speak in the meeting and staying in that room is very important to you because your opponents are eager to learn this data.

How much can you trust your employees? Especially if this tender is a life or death issue for you?

At this point, you can monitor your employees beforehand and be 100% sure that your company’s confidential information is not leaked. Whatsapp monitoring programs promise you complete security at this exact point.

Couples Concerned About Their Partner’s Loyalty

Has your spouse started coming home late after work? Or does he always say he is on the job and comes late and does not look up from his phone when he arrives?

Does he keep his phone beside him for a moment and doesn’t let you touch it and becomes aggressive?

Or your lover who you do not live with is always online on whatsapp but does not reply to your messages? Wondering who you are talking to, but you never find out?

Whatsapp tracking spy programs can be your medicine in these situations. Because in the above cases, you can access the information you want to learn but could not reach in seconds by using these programs and find out why your spouse or lover behaves so strangely.

These programs, which are widely and happily used by couples who do not want to leave their relationship to chance and do not want to be fooled, save many couples’ marriages or accelerate the end of unhappy marriages.

How to Follow WhatsApp?

You may have reasons like the above to keep track of Whatsapp. Or, you may have other important reasons for doing this. So how can you follow Whatsapp, let’s examine your options in detail.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a web service that allows you to open and access the whatsapp application via the internet browser. It is not only used for tracking purposes, but also WhatsApp users can open this application to access their messages via the browser and write messages via the browser.

In order to access WhatsApp Web via Google Crome, you must first bring the phone with the whatsapp application you want to view the messages to, next to your computer, open the keylock and open the whatsapp application.

Then you need to type web.whatsapp.com in the internet browser (for example Google Crome) and come to the application page. A QR code will greet you on the app page.

You need to open the whatsapp application on the phone, scan the QR code you see with the + sign there, and connect the internet page on the computer with the phone. For this, just click on the ‘Whatsapp Web’ icon on the top right in the whatsapp application and then find and click the + sign. Thus, the camera of the phone will be activated and you will be able to read the QR code on the computer screen.

If this connection has not been established before or if the WhatsApp owner has logged out of the browser, you need to establish the connection yourself. 

  • Pros: If the  owner of the phone has established this connection before, the page can be opened from the browser without having to scan the QR code. It is also free.
  • Cons: In order to do this, you need to reach the other party’s phone and know the key lock password. Another disadvantage is that if the phone is at a distance from the computer where WhatsApp Web is open, the signal strength decreases and you may not be able to see the messages completely.

Free Tracking Apps For Android

There are spy programs that can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play, which you can download to your Android phones, especially for Whatsapp tracking.

You can get detailed information about these programs and have an idea about their contents by typing ‘Whatsapp tracking free application download’ to Google.

  • Pros: Free download.
  • Cons: Only works on Android phones. Lack of versions compatible with iOS. Lack of customer service because it is free. The limited tracking options it will offer you, and they may pose a data security threat.

Phone Tracker Programs Spy Apps

Phone tracking applications, ie spy software, which are the most useful whatsapp tracking method, offer you all kinds of tracking opportunities. For whatever reason, if you want to follow your relatives, I recommend you to choose these spy programs. This is my reason for recommending the following features for you to choose these apps:

  • It attaches importance to privacy, and the other party is never aware that you are following it,
  • They provide customer service and provide 24/7 service in case you need help for any reason,
  • You are obliged to download the application in the first place, and then all the follow-up process is done by the application and presented to you,
  • Data security is at a high level and the data of the person you follow is not likely to be passed on to third parties.

Phone tracker apps offer you a wide variety of beliefs. To summarize them briefly:

  • Whatsapp tracking
  • Being able to determine the location
  • Access to search history information
  • Access to all data of the phone (pictures, files, videos, applications, etc.)
  • Pros : It not only allows you to follow Whatsapp, but also provides a lot of different spying opportunities. Security is at a high level. These are the applications you can trust with peace of mind.
  • Cons : Most spy programs are paid, and although the fees vary from application to application, they are not very low prices.

Best Phone Tracking Programs 2021

When it comes to the best phone trackers, mSpy, SpyBubble and MobileSpy come to mind. These whatsapp spy programs that have managed to stand out from their competitors and become the best three, keep up with these latest technologies, renew and update themselves every day, are described in detail below by me.


The best known, most used and most recommended among its counterparts, mSpy is indeed an excellent phone tracker. It is among the most preferred applications in terms of the features it will offer you.

If you go to the mSpy application page, it will ask you to choose membership package programs. You need to examine the package contents in detail and choose the most suitable tracking option for yourself.

First of all, you can decide what you want to be able to do and then take a look at the services mSpy offers to you. Generally, the features you may have include:

  • Whatsapp tracking
  • Finding the location of the phone with GPS data
  • Viewing applications and uninstalling the desired application
  • View and authenticate contacts
  • Access to Google search history information
  • View all call log information such as incoming, outgoing and missed
  • Ability to read e-mail and SMS or instant messages.

Do not forget to select the ‘Hide Application’ option that will appear after you download and install mSpy on the other party’s phone. Otherwise, the other party can see the application on his phone. If you do not want to be noticed, check this option and the application will turn itself into ghost application mode. In this case, the target phone owner will never be able to understand that the application is on their phone.


Another ambitious whatsapp tracking program in its field is SpyBubble. This application also offers you the opportunity to follow the person you want to follow 24/7 without stopping.

It also has a wonderfully designed function that may be one of your reasons for choosing SpyBubble . After downloading the application on the target phone, the phone can perform the functions of a voice recording device for you. This way, you can not only see the contents of the owner’s smartphone, but also listen to the sounds and telephone conversations in his physical environment, or give a record command and record it.

If the features I listed above are not enough for you and you want to listen to the voices around the person, SpyBubble can be a perfect application for you.


MobileSpy, which is compatible with Android phones from Whatsapp tracking programs, also allows you to perform the basic spying operations I mentioned above.

In addition to the basic functions of mSpy, MobileSpy has another feature that is offered exclusively to Android users.

Even if MobileSpy deletes any data, message, file or any data from the target phone owner phone, it saves it for you on MobileSpy’s dashboard.

If the person you follow is trying to steal information from you and is aware that they are being tracked, MobileSpy might be the best tracking program for you.

How Can WhatsApp Spy Programs Be Used?

Using these kinds of whatsapp spy apps will be a breeze for you. I explain you in detail below.

What Whatsapp Information Does mSpy Offer You to Access?

Thanks to mSpy and other whatsapp monitoring applications, it is possible to access any information you want in the target whatsapp account.

  • Posts
  • Outgoing calls
  • Registered contacts
  • Frequently spoken people
  • Whatsapp groups and conversations
  • It is possible to see the profile picture.

What Other Services and Applications Does mSpy Offer You to Monitor?

mSpy and other apps I mentioned above give you:

  • Whatsapp tracking
  • Finding the location of the phone
  • Viewing applications and uninstalling the desired application
  • View and authenticate contacts
  • Access to search history information
  • View call log information
  • It offers e-mail and SMS reading services.

Installing WhatsApp Monitoring Applications on the Phone

Whatsapp tracking apps are available in your phone’s online stores.


  • The iCloud backup process is performed and it is ensured that the backup is made to the phone you will watch.
  • The application is located on the website and connects to the phone.
  • The requested information is entered and synchronization is hidden and enabled.


  • Backup is not required on Android phones. 
  • The application is downloaded directly to the phone.
  • The necessary information is entered and the application is ready to use.


These types of applications are generally designed for parents who want to keep track of their children, employers who are unsure of the loyalty of their employees, friends and spouses who cannot trust each other. 

You may have various motivations for using phone tracker apps, but ultimately you can have reliable 24/7 support at hand, thanks to today’s technology and mobile app developers.