Telefon Numarasından Konum Bulma 2021: Mükemmel Rehber

As we enter the age of technology, smart phones have become devices that we do not leave our side. The widespread use of smartphones all over the world has provided us with many opportunities. Among these possibilities is finding a location with a mobile phone number ! Recently, phone number location software has gained a lot of popularity.  

Although the issue of whether technology is beneficial or harmful for us is considered a controversial issue, these applications can be very useful, especially for parents. Are you also a parent? You could not reach your child and are you worried about their safety? 

Or just want to make sure it’s safe by seeing where it is? Then the spy programs that can be installed on the phones, which I will talk about in detail, are for you.


How can it be useful or necessary to find a location by number?

Do you have a family member who is in need of care or cannot make healthy decisions? Or are you in a situation where you are worried about the safety of your children? Then you can take advantage of the location finding applications from this number and follow them and relax. With the programs I will mention below, you can be sure that your family members are safe in a short time.

Thanks to these phone spy programs, you can see which application your child or another family member is using instantly and with whom they are texting, in addition to the feature of locating from the number. Moreover, you can do all these things without being aware of the person you follow, without disturbing them. 

How to find location by phone number?

If you think one of your family members is hiding something from you, or if you just doubt their safety, phone spyware programs have a system created just for you. 

You can examine the spyware programs I will talk about below shortly and you can easily start using them by choosing one according to your needs. So what does this method promise you? Let’s see it together.

Thanks to these applications;

  • Listening to phone calls
  • Monitoring apps on mobile phone
  • Ability to read e-mails and messages on the phone
  • Access to the phone’s location information  

like it brings a lot more opportunities to you.

As you can see, these multi-functional softwares provide a lot of information transfer for you. From the moment you install one of these programs on the phone of the person you wish to follow, you can see many information on your own device, including the location of the person you follow.

Best phone number location finder 2021

You are in the right place if you are thinking about which of the phone number and location finding programs I should use. As a result of the research I have done for you, I will recommend you the following 3 phone spy software. 

While researching these applications, I have also tried the applications that I will mention in order to evaluate them objectively and explained the advantages they offer to you. In this article, we examine exactly these applications and decide which one you want to use.


MSpy, one of the programs that provides location services by phone number, is one of the most preferred spy software by parents with its reliability and easy installation. Thanks to this application, which is the most popular spying software program, your child;

  • Instant chat messages,
  • Instant location with GPS,
  • Calls and SMS correspondence,
  • Social media usage

You can follow them comfortably, and even on devices with IOS operating system, you can do them without jailbreaking. You can comfortably use it on devices with both Android and IOS operating systems. 

The only thing you need to do is to download and install the application on the device where the tracking process will be performed after you subscribe to mSpy. Since the program will continue to run in the background after installation, it will not be noticed by the person you follow. 



SpyBubble, another program that provides the opportunity to find a location with a mobile phone number, offers the opportunity to record the information you want in addition to this service. This application, which I have tried and enjoyed before recommending it, is very useful for you to follow your children or other family members. This application, which is one of the latest technology phone spy software, is for you:

  • Access to the location information of the device using the phone’s GPS data,
  • Access to instant message and SMS information,
  • Anbean monitoring of the target phone,
  • Whatsapp monitoring ,
  • Viewing the call history on the device,
  • Listening and recording phone calls separately,

And it is an excellent program with many services like these. Finding a location by phone number is just one of the spyware services provided by the SpyBubble app! 

Compatible with all smart phone models and tablets, this program is one of the most advanced spying programs and will never be noticed by the target phone user. Isn’t it great for you?


Another spying program that is very often used by parents to find location by phone number is MobileSpy. In addition, one of the most important advantages of this program is that it provides the opportunity to access information deleted from the device you are following. If the person you follow is suspicious and deletes the messages, you will be able to view this deletion.

You can easily use MobileSpy on mobile phones and tablets with Android operating system, but you need to jailbreak on IOS devices. While this may seem like a minor disadvantage, it’s a unique software for Android devices.

 Other services offered by MobileSpy are as follows;

  • Reading and deleting incoming and outgoing e-mails and messages
  • Accessing the location of the device using a mobile phone number
  • Accessing media files on the device
  • Viewing conversations in messaging apps
  • See what apps are on the device

and much more the process will become very easy for you.

How to use another phone infiltration program?

If you want to learn how to use other phone infiltration programs with mobile phone number location service, this information I will give you can be useful. For example, the most used spying program mSpy has a live control screen to view the movements of the monitored device.

Location Tracking with GPS

GPS location tracking feature of these spy programs, which allows you to find someone else’s location, allows you to see the location information of the person you want to follow on the control panel. If you doubt the safety of your children, it is now very easy to see where they are or check their route history with these applications.

Geo Framing

In addition to the ease of locating someone else, these spying software also give you the chance to create safe areas for your followed relatives and receive alerts when you are out of these places. This feature is called geo-fencing, or framing.

For example, you are using the mSpy program for your child and you want to view the places they go during the day. You can record the places and routes (home, school, classroom, etc.) that you consider safe and receive instant alerts to your device with the control panel when your child goes out of these places and routes. .

How to set up location finder program from phone number?

The spy software I mentioned in this article are programs that allow you to follow up by sending data from that phone to your usage panel after they are installed on the target phone. It does not damage the phone in any way and works completely in secret. Now, let’s examine together how we can install these programs on IOS and Android devices according to the information I have obtained as a result of the research and trials I have done for you.


If you want to use these spy programs on IOS devices to find a location from a mobile phone number, you must first activate the iCloud backup feature. If you follow the steps I explained below, it is possible to install on the IOS device without the need for jailbreaking. You can follow the steps below to setup:

  • Open the settings menu on the target phone
  • Click on iCloud settings
  • Click on Cloud then iCloud backup
  • Press the ‘Back up now’ button.

After the backup is activated, you must log into your spy app account. The steps you should follow are as follows:

Login mSpy from the browser

  • Open the settings section of iPhone or iPad devices and click on ‘No Jailbreak’ option.
  • Press the Next button (you can skip step 2 and proceed to step 3)
  • Enter the Apple ID information of the device you want to track and confirm.
  • Select the device you want the backup to be made and press the finish button.

That’s all you have to do. Afterwards, there is nothing you need to do but wait for the data to be uploaded to the control panel of the device you have chosen for backup, here you are!

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For Android

If you want to use the number location service for devices with Android operating system, you must first disable the Google Play Protection feature. For this:

  1. Go to the Settings menu on the target phone.
  2. Click on Google and then Security icons.
  3. Click on the Google Play Protection tab.
  4. Disable the ‘Scan phone for security threats’ tab.

Then open an incognito tab from the browser and follow the steps below:

  • Enter the figure that will appear on the screen to be able to download the file by typing
  • You can close this page after the discount process is over.
  • Go to the file manager and find the file in the downloads folder.
  • Click on the file to install the application
  • Click on the confirmations that will appear as soon as the process is complete.

If there are features that you do not want to use at this stage, you can turn off the features you want and choose the services you want to use. Finding a location from the phone is that simple!

What else can be seen with the location finder program from the phone number?

Many functions of these spy programs, which provide location finding services from number, can be useful in addition to locating. The most common of these features are as follows:

  • Accessing and viewing applications on the target device
  • Ability to uninstall apps on the monitored phone
  • Access to all media files on the target device
  • Instant listening and recording of phone conversations
  • Instant reading of SMS and e-mail correspondence
  • Viewing deleted messages and emails
  • Takip edilen cihazdaki rehberde kayıtlı kişilere ulaşma

Başkasının konumunu numaradan bulma özelliği dışında yukarıdaki özellikler de programdan programa değişmekte fakat takip için kullanılan casus yazılım programlarının çoğu artık bu hizmetlerden çoğunu bizler için sağlıyor. Siz de önerilerimden faydalanarak hangi programı kullanmak istediğinize karar verebilir, nasıl kullanmanız gerektiğini de kolayca öğrenebilirsiniz.


Son olarak şunu söylemek isterim ki artık sevdiklerinizin, aile bireylerinizin ve çocuklarınızın güvende olduğunu öğrenmek çocuk oyuncağı! Yapmanız gereken tek şey kullanacağınız casusluk programını seçmek ve yukarıda anlattığım adımları takip ederek kurulumu tamamlamak! 

So how do you decide which of the many programs to choose for the phone location service? As a result of the research I have done above, you can find the applications that I have collected and recommended for you by trying them, and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

I explained in detail how to install and use popular programs that are frequently used by parents today. You can also get support from these programs and follow them whenever you want without disturbing them to make sure your children are safe.

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