Our age is the age of technology and smartphones . Inevitably, almost all of us lived next to our smartphones. Not only generations born with technology, but middle-aged and even elderly people are addicted to this outstanding invention.

The following question comes to mind right away, in this age we live in, ‘Is it possible to follow our phones we are with this much ?.

When the year is 2021, the answer to the question comes without delay: Of course! Thanks to advanced phone tracking programs and various methods, it is an easy process to monitor the phone. All you have to do is try one or more of the methods I will talk about below and find solutions to your problems.


Who May Want to Track Phone?

You can have a variety of reasons to track numbers. After all, this is not something strange in our age. You may be trying to protect yourself or the people you love or your business.

Below I talk about who in some categories might need the help of a person tracking program.

By Parents Who Want to Protect Their Children

Having a child in this age is both easy and difficult. Parents understand very well what I mean. Since smart phones have entered our lives, we can reach our children whenever we want. This is a very positive development.

But on the other hand, when smart phones or even phones were not in our lives, life was completely different. Our children played on the street, did not go far, even when the mothers called from the house, the child would hear the voice of his mother and come home.

Unfortunately, this is not possible today. Especially in big cities, there is no such situation as our children playing outside our door. Even if it is safe is debated.

We may not be able to reach our children who go to school, classroom, shopping malls with their friends whenever we want. Even more dangerous, we don’t know what’s going on on our children’s phones.

Maybe your child is exposed to cyber attacks, harassed or deceived by older people. To make sure your child is safe, you may want to monitor them with phone trackers.

By Adults Who Want to Protect Their Elderly Relatives

Since smart phones have taken over our lives, our elderly relatives, who were born before the invention of these phones, may have fallen under the spell of this invention. Your elderly parents may also own a smartphone and surf the internet.

However, if you think that these relatives cannot distinguish between the wrong and the right on the internet and may be fooled by internet fraudsters, phone tracking programs can also help you.

With these applications, it is very easy to make sure that all the data on the phone you are following are brought to your phone screen and that they are safe.

In Case of Lost or Stolen Phone

You may completely trust your loved ones and don’t want to monitor their phones. However, phone tracking programs not only provide you with the service of revealing the confidential information of the other party, but also provide personal and phone security.

For example, let’s say your spouse’s phone is stolen or lost. If you are using a phone tracking program, finding a lost or stolen phone will be a piece of cake for you.

Because many applications show you the location of the phone using GPS data. In some membership options, even if there is no phone call or operation, you can listen to the sounds around the phone and have an idea of ​​where the phone is.

By Logistics Companies

Number tracking applications can also be frequently used by logistics companies. It is a frequently used method to check and see where the cargo or courier is.

These applications, which facilitate the work of both the company and the employees, are preferred by logistics companies.

By Employers Concerned About the Safety of the Workplace

The person tracking program is an application that allows us not only to follow our relatives, but also to supervise our colleagues and employees with whom we work.

Especially employers who do their own business resort to such practices to ensure that confidential information and documents of the workplace are not leaked to outside and third parties by employees.

By Couples Suspecting Their Spouse’s or Lover’s Lying

The most common group that uses such programs is usually couples. Couples who are suspicious of their spouses and cannot talk about this issue with their spouses resort to the number tracking method.

Imagine that your spouse is not taking care of you and spends a lot of time on his phone. You understand that he’s talking to a genius from his mimics, but when you ask, he either passes it off or says he’s talking to a friend.

Or, he started meeting his colleagues more often on the weekends, and he says that he comes home late on weekdays and works extra. If you think your spouse is not being honest with you, it’s easy to prove it.

How to Track a Phone? Which Methods are Used?

There are several methods to track your phone. I will summarize them below for you.

With Google Maps

With this method, you can add your own Google account to the other party’s Google account and share their real-time location.

To do this:

  • If you do not have a Gmail account, open it immediately.
  • Add your own account to the other party’s Google Contacts,
  • Open Google Maps and find location sharing,
  • Add yourself here,
  • Press the Share button.

Pros : This method is a free method Google Maps offers to you. The location of the other party is shared with you as long as the phone has a mobile connection.

Cons : The target phone owner can see from their Google account that they have shared their location with you and stop it.

With the Find My App

The Find My application is a new combination of two applications, formerly called Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, that only work with IOS devices.

It helps you find the location of the other party using this application. Even when the tracked device is offline, it is possible to reach its location.

Pros : It is a free ios app. Show location even when offline.

Cons : Only works with iOS devices. The owner of the phone can be aware of the application.

Phone Tracker Programs Spy Apps

If you are looking for a method that attaches importance to reliability and privacy, phone tracking applications will be the phone tracking method that I will recommend to you.

High level data privacy and data protection guarantee, the target phone owner does not even notice that the phone is being tracked due to its ability to work as a ghost application, it offers you a lot more tracking opportunities as well as showing the phone’s location, and the customer service and support teams are always ready to assist you. monitor applications are the reasons why you should prefer.

Other services that these person tracking applications will offer you can be summarized as follows:

  • Finding the location of the phone and presenting its route history,
  • Ability to set an alarm and receive notification in case of leaving a certain location,
  • Ability to read all messages on the phone,
  • Ability to see the applications stored on the phone and remove them from the phone,
  • To be able to examine call records.

And you can do a lot more with these programs, which may differ in applications and membership options.

What Are The Best Phone Tracking Programs 2021? Top 3 of them

The phone tracking applications markets have developed a lot especially in recent years and have become very competitive. If you do a short Google search, you may encounter many applications.

Well, if you say which ones are suitable and safe for me, I can recommend you the 3 most reliable and popular ones.


mSpy bu alanda kendini kanıtlamış, en güvenilir ve en popüler uygulama olmayı başarmış casus uygulamalardan birincisidir. En güvenilir, en müşteri odaklı, en çok gizliliğe üst düzey önem veren, en başarılı telefon takip programı denilince akla ilk gelen casus yazılımdır.

mSpy kullanarak takip edilen kişinin konum bilgilerine ulaşmakla kalmayıp kişinin telefonunu anbean takip edip telefonundaki uygulamaları, mesajları, e-postaları, arama kayıtlarını görmek mümkündür.

Bu işlemleri kendi seçtiğiniz konumdan kendi seçtiğiniz cihaz üzerinden yapabilme imkanı da sunmakta mSpy. Tek yapmanız gereken takip edilecek kişinin telefonuna bir seferliğine ulaşıp, mSpy’ı indirip kurmak. Sonrasında karşı tarafın telefonunun nerede olduğuyla, tuş kilidinin nasıl açıldığıyla ilgilenmek zorunda kalmazsınız.


SpyBubble casus uygulaması da casus yazılımlar arasındaki en başarılı uygulamalardan biridir. mSpy’dan sonra en çok kullanıcı sayısına sahip olan bu uygulama da size yapmayı arzuladığınız casusluk işlemlerini kolay ve ulaşılır hale getirir.

SpyBubble kullanıcısı iseniz, bu uygulama size hedef telefonu dinleme imkanı da sunmaktadır. Şöyle ki SpyBubble’ın size sunduğu telefonun etrafındaki sesleri dinleme hizmetini kullanmak istediğinizde, casus yazılım size dinleme cihazı hizmeti sunar. Uygulamanın yüklü olduğu takip edilen telefon bir dinleme cihazı şekline bürünür ve size etraftaki sesleri dinleme imkanı sunar.

Diyelim ki çocuğunuz sizden arkadaşlarıyla sinemaya gitmek için izin aldı. İçiniz rahat değil ve size yalan söylüyor olabileceğinden şüphe ediyorsunuz. SpyBubble kullanıcısı iseniz içinizi rahatlatmanız çok kolay. Hemen kendi telefonunuzdan uygulamayı açıp, çocuğunuzun telefonunu dinleyip onun nerede ve kimlerle olduğunu öğrenebilirsiniz.

Veya yapılan telefon konuşmalarını kaydedebilir veya anlık olarak dinleyebilirsiniz. Örneğin evdesiniz ve eşinizin telefonu çaldı, arayan numaraya baktı ve telefon görüşmesini yapmak için balkona veya dışarı çıktı. Sizin onu duymayacağınızdan emin olmak istiyor. İçinize bir kuşku mu düştü? 

Hiç merak etmeyin çünkü bir SpyBubble kullanıcısı olarak eşinizin telefon konuşmasını dinleyebilir ve hatta görüşmeyi kiminle yaptığını bulabilirsiniz. Arayan numaranın kimlik tespitini de size mSpy, SpyBubble gibi casus yazılımlar sizin için yapar.


Bir diğer popüler casus yazılım da MobileSpy uygulamasıdır. Ios telefonlarda Jailbreak yapılarak kullanılabilen MobileSpy, esasen Android cihazlar için yazılmış bir mobil casus uygulamasıdır.

MobileSpy‘ı cazip yapan bir özelliği silinen verilerin sizin takip ettiğiniz cihazda kaybolmayıp kaydedilmesi özelliğidir. Yani bu uygulamanın yüklü olduğu telefonda yapılan hiç bir işlem kaybolmaz, gözden kaçmaz. Siz aktif olmasanız bile sizin cihazınızdaki kontrol paneline kaydedilir.

Örneğin bir işyeri sahibisiniz ve MobileSpy kullanarak çalışanlarınızı denetliyor, sizden habersiz dışarıyla gizli şirket bilgilerinizi sızdırmadıklarından emin olmaya çalışıyorsunuz. Bu epey bir süredir devam ediyor ve siz şirketinizin güvenliğinden eminsiniz. Çünkü çalışanlarınızı casus uygulama sayesinde denetliyorsunuz.

Bir süre sonra çalışanlarınız bu durumdan şüphelenmeye başlıyor. Bu sizin bir davranışınızdan kaynaklanmış olabilir veya sizin pek çok bilgiye sahip olmanızı kendi aralarında konuşarak şüpheli bulmuş olabilirler.

Çalışanlarınızın kendi aralarında telefondan veya gizlice yüzyüze konuştuklarını sizden şüphelendiklerini duydunuz veya gördünüz. Bu durumda mobil olarak takip edildiklerinden şüphelenen kişiler, sizin bilmenizi istemediğiniz numaralarını, mesajlarını, e-postalarını silmeye başlamış olabilirler.

MobileSpy kullanıcısı olarak bu durum hiç bir şekilde sorun teşkil etmez çünkü siz silinen verileri de kendi cihazınızın kontrol paneline kayıtlı bir şekilde görebilirsiniz. Hatta bu şekilde karşı tarafın sizden neleri gizlemeye çalıştığını da daha iyi farketmiş olursunuz.

Kişi Takip Etme Programı Nasıl Kullanılır?

Kişi takip etme programlarının kullanımları oldukça basittir. Sadece en başta kurulum için bir takım bilgilere sahip olmanız gerekir ama sonrasında kendi telefonunuzdan her işlemi basitçe görmeniz mümkündür.

Bir Hesap Açma

Öncelikle seçtiğiniz ve kullanmaya karar verdiğiniz casus yazılımın websitesine gidip kendinize en uygun üyelik seçeneğini bulmanız ve bir hesap açmanız gerekmektedir. Bu işlem hiç karmaşık olmayıp, sıradan bir websitesi üyeliğinden daha fazla bilgi gerektiren bir işlem değildir.

Uygulama websitesine gidin ve ‘Şimdi Dene’ butonuna tıkladıktan sonra sitenin sizi yönlendireceği sayfada üyelik bilgilerinizi girerek bir hesap açın.

Bir Üyelik Paketi Seçme

Bir hesap açıp, uygulama sayfasında bir kullanıcı olduktan sonra size sunulacak olan üyelik paketlerinden sizin işinize en çok yarayacak olduğunu düşündüğünüz, ihtiyaçlarınız doğrultusunda en mantıklı paketi seçiniz.

Bu sayfada hangi üyelik planında hangi özellikleri kullanabileceğiniz ayrıntılı bir şekilde anlatılmıştır. Acele etmeden özellikleri inceleyip planınıza karar verin.

You also need to decide here whether you will use it short-term or long-term, because long-term monthly payment packages can be offered at much more affordable prices for you.

Installing the Application

Installing the application on your phone and on the other party’s phone is not a difficult process, but it requires various steps and processes according to your phone’s operating system.

Installing on Android Phone

If you want to download a spy software on an Android phone, you first need to open your mSpy website online.

  1. Then type the model of the phone you want to track in the search section and check its compatibility.
  2. In the next step, download the application to the phone and start the installation process.
  3. When the installation is complete, open the control panel in your browser and enter your membership information, your own phone to monitor.
  4. Give the necessary permissions and turn off the features you don’t want to use, approve the others.
  5. As the last step, make sure to check the ‘Hide’ option in the application.

Installing an iOS Device Without Jailbreaking

The most important thing you need to do to track spy apps on IOS devices is to make the iCloud backup on the target phone before downloading the application, and to make the backup on your own phone.

For this, on your iphone phone or if the device you want to track is an ipad, via the target ipad:

  1. Turn on iCloud backup from the settings menu.
  2. Enter the information of your own ios device and click the backup option.
  3. Select the Complete process option and finish.

It is imperative that you do the above procedure before downloading the spy program. After making sure the backup is complete, if you haven’t opened an account on the app’s website, open your account, select your membership package and make your payment, then:

  1. Enter the iphone credentials of the target ios device and install the application on the phone.
  2. And of course, do not forget to choose the ‘Hide Application’ option after the application has been downloaded.
  3. Open the app and enter your account information.

That’s all you have to do. After that, you can track people from your own iPhone phone.

Installing the Control Panel and Selecting Features

After the application has downloaded to the phone of the other party and entered your account securely, all you need to do is select the features you want to use and give the necessary permissions on the phone.

At this point, the application will guide you to select the features step by step and grant their permissions. Make sure you read well and give permissions, especially location, mobile data, access to the phone microphone.


People tracking program and phone tracking application are among the blessings of technology that makes people’s lives easier, prevents us from doubting our loved ones and helps us protect them.

As with everything, it is up to you to use technology with good or bad intentions. These phone trackers can be very useful if used for the right purposes. But if they fall into the hands of malicious people, they can leave us vulnerable to cyberattacks. I recommend using it consciously and using the licensed, well-known spyware I mentioned above.