Android İçin Keylogger 2021: En İyi Nasıl Seçilir

Keylogger programs for Android are special programs that record the keystrokes of the controlled phone, tablet or computer and transmit them to the follower. With the advancement of technology, phones and tablets have become widespread and become devices that cannot be lost by people of all age groups, so keylogger programs for android are also widely used.

Especially since phones are devices with our most personal information, it is not easy to access the information of other people. For example, do you wonder what your lover has to say to your friends about you? 

Want to know that your kids are safe by controlling their phone usage? Then the Android keylogger software is just for you! Now I will give you more detailed information about these programs. 


What is a Keylogger, What is it Used for?

Wondering how your child spends time on the phone? Or do you want to check the sites your child visits to discover their interests? Not sure your employee is keeping confidential information inside the company? 

Classic Keylogger (usually for computer)

Classic keylogger programs are spyware that only record key movements and do not provide detailed information to the follower because they are not developed as much as applications designed for the phone. These programs, which are generally used for computers, are mostly installed with a USB memory and after they are installed, they record the movements on the computer keyboard and transmit them to the follower.

These classic keylogger programs were later developed and presented to users in the form of android keyloggers in the market.

Keylogger placed Applications

With the advancement of technology, of course, keylogger programs have also been developed and released as Android compatible phone keylogger programs. These spyware, which are developed day by day, do not only transmit key movements, but also provide you with the opportunity to obtain many different information. If I share my own experience, keyloggers for phones are perfect for parents and employers!

If you want to feel safe for yourself or your loved ones, try one of the Android keylogger program options that I will definitely recommend.

In addition, these keylogger for android applications are never noticed by the person being followed, and they help you find the social media or e-mail passwords of the person you follow through their typing records.

Best Android Keylogger Program 2021

If you want to find out what your children are doing on the phone, who they are talking to, or if you want to test the reliability of your employee, the person who will help you find a keylogger is here! If you examine the applications that I will explain in detail below, you will have no doubt that you will choose the best keylogger program that will meet your needs and satisfy your curiosity.

I have researched and experienced the best 3 keylogger for android programs that I will recommend to you shortly. I have listed the advantages and possibilities that it will provide for you. None of these 3 keylogger programs for Android can be felt by the person you follow because they will make the necessary updates after the screen locks. We can also call it ghost applications.

In this section, I will answer your questions about putting keyloggers on the phone and recommend an android keylogger program based on my own experience. These keylogger for android applications are both invisible to the user and do not require root.


Thanks to mSpy, one of the keylogger programs for Android devices, you can now not only see the key movements of your children, relatives or anyone you are curious about, but also access the applications on the device. Its most important feature is it runs in the background without leaving any evidence and is never noticed by the user.

You will not be able to give up once you try this application, which is compatible with Android 4.0 and above versions. Especially preferred by parents, this spyware program works like a ghost, providing you with the following possibilities:

  • Learning the instant location and route information of the monitored device,
  • Viewing all media files on the target device,
  • Following instant SMS and social media messages,
  • Viewing call history,

And much more like these.

You can find many services such as the features I have given as an example above in mSpy application. Since this spyware program is designed to run hidden in the background, you can access the control panel from anywhere and on any device you want and have the information you want. And without even hearing the spirit of the person being followed!


Another widely used android keylogger program, SpyBubble, is “Is there an android keylogger?” Another one of the first answers that may come to mind when faced with the answer. 

Don’t you want your child to be safe as thousands of unreliable fake accounts surf the internet a day? If you want to know what sites they visit, what words they are searching for, or who they are texting with, this spy software is for you.

The biggest advantage of this keylogger application for android, which provides you with many opportunities, is that it gives the follower the chance to record the other party’s information. In other words, it records and saves the movements and speech of the target device like a voice recorder. In addition, if;

  • Accessing SMS and e-mail information on the target device,
  • Viewing and saving media files,
  • Accessing the instant location of the device with GPS,
  • Providing access to social media accounts,
  • Listening and recording phone calls

And if you want to take advantage of many similar opportunities, you should definitely try this application. If you install and try the SpyBubble application, you will not believe how easy and fast it is to keyloggers on an Android phone. I will share in detail below how to install these spy software on the devices.

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MobileSpy application is also one of the popular spyware. Quite widely used by parents, businessmen and spouses, I think this app is one of the best keylogger programs like other keylogger programs I recommend.

MobileSpy is one of the best android keylogger programs, because with this application, families can learn about the situations that their children are hiding or are unsafe and take measures for them. Or this app can be used effectively by employers to supervise their employees. 

I am sure it is very useful for spouses with trust problems because this application provides the following services like other apps:

  • Access to e-mail and SMS correspondence on the target device,
  • Viewing social media and messaging applications,
  • Monitoring notifications from the device,
  • Recording of key movements on the device,
  • Access to the instant location of the device

And many more like that. The most important advantage of these keylogger for Android applications is that it provides access to the passwords of social media and e-mail addresses, thanks to the recording of key movements. 

Thus, the control of the accounts used by the other party can also be done by the person following it, and the user of the target device will not feel uneasy about this, as it does this in the background. I think it’s worth a try, what do you think?

What Can You See By Using Keylogger Applications?

Thanks to keylogger programs, you can avoid situations that may pose a danger to your child and have an idea about their interests. Or you can audit your employee who you are not sure of being reliable and secure your job. If you have any doubts about your partner, you can clarify that too. How are you going to do all this?

For example, when you download the mSpy application, you will have the opportunity to monitor all keyboard and key movements of the other party;

  • Email correspondence and passwords
  • Movements and passwords in social media accounts,
  • To correspondence in instant messaging applications

Since you will gain access, you can take control and avoid potentially dangerous situations. You can also view the daily keylogger data from the control panel on the monitoring device. 

As a parent, I think it is a very useful application in detecting potential fraud and communication with dangerous strangers that my child may encounter.

How to Install and Use Android Keylogger Applications?

You do not need professional knowledge about computers or phones to install and install the Android keylogger program! If you hear anything like that, know that it’s just a rumor. 

Yes, I say that you can install these spy software on the devices without a superior technology or software knowledge because all you have to do is follow the steps I will explain in detail below. 

Although I do not have software knowledge, I followed these steps easily while trying the installation before explaining to you, and I saw how quickly and practically the installation could be done. Let’s see how easy it is to install these keylogger programs.

In order to install this android keylogger program on Android devices, we first need to disable the Google Play Protection feature on the target device. You can do this as follows:

  • Enter the Settings menu on the target device.
  • Scroll down to the Google tab and then to the Security tab.
  • Click on the Google Play Protection tab.
  • Disable the ‘Scan Device for Security Threats’ feature.
  • Confirm the warning you see.

Yes, after disabling the Google Play Protection feature, we have come to the important stage, the spyware is downloaded and run on the device. The next steps are as follows:

  • Open an incognito tab from the browser (Chrome recommended).
  • Type and go to the link.
  • Draw the figure on the screen to start the download.
  • Once the download is complete, you can close the browser.

After completing the download process, File manager> Downloads> find and click the downloaded file and the installation will begin. In order to complete the installation, you must give the necessary approvals during the installation.

As soon as you allow the application to ‘keylogger monitoring’ while giving the necessary approvals, it will send you to the Accessibility tab in the Settings menu. In this menu, you need to activate the “System Update Service”.

Then, when you activate the ‘Allow data collection’ icon, you need to activate the ‘Update Service’ from the tab it sends you. After successfully completing all these processes, all you have to do is go to the mSpy control panel to set up the control platform, enter the necessary information on the form and get your registration code. 

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When you go back to the mSpy file and write the registration code given here, you will be greeted with ‘Congratulations!’ will appear. You can guess that as soon as this article appears, you have successfully completed the installation and you can start tracking from the control panel.


Android keylogger programs, which I have explained in detail above, provide many advantages for users. Thanks to these spyware, which can be seen as one of the benefits of technology, parents, employers or spouses will now be able to feel more comfortable. Besides, the other party they are following, without realizing this!

These applications, which can record the keystrokes on the monitored device, the movements in the applications, or all the correspondence and phone calls on the phone, are becoming more common today. 

However, when these applications are used by malicious people other than the purposes I mentioned, there may be problems with the privacy of personal information. In this regard, device users should also act sensitively and carefully.

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